I am an anthropological archaeologist who studies the development of sociopolitical complexity in ancient Mesoamerica with a focus on prehispanic Maya society. My research and teaching emphasize the sociohistorical connections of past material practices to investigate the dynamics of culture change. In particular, I am interested in how ritual and community organization shape political processes. My work is interdisciplinary and multi-scalar, applying archaeological fieldwork in Guatemala with quantitative studies of ceramic artifacts, settlement patterns, and hieroglyphic texts to develop a relational approach for studying the human past. Currently, I am an Assistant Professor of Latin American Archaeology at Lycoming College and Director of the Proyecto Arqueológico Altar de Sacrificios in Petén, Guatemala.


At its core, my research connects original quantitative methods with relational theories about social interaction and cultural relatedness to address fundamental questions about the ways in which people formed connections in the past. In particular, my research focuses on social networks, ritual displays, community organization, and the emergence of social inequality to explore intersecting dimensions of sociopolitical complexity in ancient Mesoamerica. I do this by conducting archaeological fieldwork in the western Maya lowlands and examining material culture variation and changes in ceramic artifacts, architecture, and hieroglyphic texts. Currently, I am involved in two interdisciplinary collaborations with colleagues in Guatemala, Ukraine, Germany, California, and Pennsylvania. I am a Co-PI on the interdisciplinary Maya Hieroglyphic Database Project supported by NSF and Director of the Proyecto Arqueológico Altar de Sacrificios supported by Wenner-Gren, the Archaeological Institute of America, and Lycoming College.

Selected Publications

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My approach to teaching emphasizes experiential learning and rigorous methodological training in anthropological archaeology. These education experiences include a wide range of opportunities for student involvement beyond the classroom including archaeological fieldwork in Guatemala, hands-on laboratory research, and independent projects.


List of Courses
Introduction to Archaeology
Patterns in Prehistory
Origins of Human Diversity
Field Archaeology
Mesoamerican Archaeology
History of Latin American Archaeology
Origins of Social Inequality
Archaeology of Ritual
Talking Trash
Coding and Decoding Maya Hieroglyphic Writing

Jessica L. Munson

Department of Sociology/Anthropology
Lycoming College
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Williamsport, PA 17701